Hello World!

My name is Gary Gehiere.

In 2014 I’ll be 41 years old.
I am 6′ 1″ tall.
Sometimes I have a beard.
Or a ridiculous hipster moustache.

The Rule That I Live By:

Being is better than having.

My Values:

There is no right or wrong, only beautiful or ugly.

Finding Me On The Web:

I’m on Twitter.
I’m on Facebook, look me up if you know me IRL.
I’m on Linkedin too.
I’m most well known for designing icons at PixelPressIcons.com.
There is dust there now.
I have a small design portfolio on Coroflot.
It’s not up-to-date.
You can spy on my bookmarking habits at Pinboard.
I’ve got a couple Tumblr blogs: e30-Life, BMW Lover.
And of course I’ve got a couple blogs (links in the sidebar).

About Me:

I used to live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
But I consider Elmira, Ontario to be my home town.
In 2009 I moved to California, USA. I live in Santa Clara.
I work for Apple, Inc.
I love my job.
I’m married to Petrina Burkard.
Together we have a daughter, born in 2009. She has a website.
We also have a son, born 2013. He doesn’t have a website.
I like cars, especially older cars and especially BMW.
I like design.

Apps I Use:

Design: Adobe Creative Suite, Luxology Modo.
Utilities and Automation: Chronosync, Hazel, Keyboard Maestro.
Productivity: Evernote, Groceries.
Web Services: Dreamhosters.
Life Hacking: Pzizz, LoseIt!.

My Interests – In Some Order:

Driving and fixing my 1989 BMW 325i.
Weight training, boxing and cross fit.
Diet(s) and to a small degree Biohacking.
Playing guitar, writing ambient music on my Mac.
I hate to zone out, I love to be engaged.

Things I Use:

I’m a member of the BMW CCA, Golden Gate Chapter.
I’ve been using Apple Computers since 1996.
I highly recommend the music of my longtime friend Bob Guido.

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