Goodbye Posterous

I’ve been using and recommending Posterous for two years but on April 30th, 2013 Posterous is shutting down. I’m going to miss it.

Autoposting to multiple sites. Posting via web or email. Lots of clean and easily customizable templates. It was so attractive to me because I’m busy with my career, busy with my young family, busy with my hobbies and damn just too busy to divert any time to site management. Posterous seemed liked a good fit and heck, Leo Laporte was always talking them up on MacBreak Weekly so I figured they were here to stay.

The demise of Posterous puts a spotlight social media’s myriad problems: They’re great for collecting our content, status updates, photos and essentially journaling our lives. They’re great for aggregating our content with other content easily and without third-party programs like RSS readers. But they eventually go away and if they don’t take our content with them entirely when they die then trap it inside a backup file we have to manually pry our stuff out of and sculpt and hammer back into something we can use again. And that’s saying nothing of the supposed real benefit of social media which is all the lost connections with the other users.

I’m disappointed that Twitter couldn’t figure out what to do with Posterous. But I’ve realized that if I value something then I should control it even if that will cost me more money and time in the long run.

Goodbye Posterous. Yours was a cautionary tale.

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