Fine-tune Your Productivity With The Right Desktop Wallpaper and Concentrate

What if you could sharpen your focus or boost your creativity just by changing your desktop wallpaper? Maybe you can: A 2009 study conducted at the University of British Columbia suggests that colors in the environment improve cognitive functions: red increases focus on linear, detail oriented tasks like clerical work while blue encourages creativity and […]


Creating Your Own Proxy Server On Mac OSX

I’m not going to tell you that I invented this method but I did collate and refresh the steps required to implement this on Snow Leopard so I thought I’d post them here for others to find. You can find out more about proxy servers on Wikipedia. Setting Up The Host Mac: 1. In the […]


Evernote As Personal Pocket Ref

The “Pocket Ref” is a beefy 800+ page guide that fits in your pocket and contains maps, tables and scientific formulas covering all manner of disciplines and trades. It gained notable fame when it appeared in an episode of “Mythbusters” and an internet search will reveal dozens of incarnations of the tome under various vanity […]