GoPro Magnet Tether DIY

For those unfamiliar, the GoPro is a small no-frills camera with a built in wide-angle lens that’s designed for action videos. I bought one for motorsport (driving) applications but also for under water and general use. Several vendors sell suction cup mounts for the camera including GoPro itself. I completely trusted that mount until recently […]


New Carry: Tritium Field Watch

Radioactive is the new black. This is my new “Tritium Field Watch” from CountyComm. I like simple watches and I appreciate that the face isn’t cluttered up with logos or other b.s. It’s not a military watch but it has a lot of value for a small price and includes real tritium hour markers as well as […]


New Carry: GoRuck GR1 Backpack

I’ve been saving for this backpack for a while and I’m really happy that I finally have it: my very own GoRuck GR 1. I’ve worn already and it is entirely comfortable even without a chest strap and hugs my back nicely – it’s just exceptionally well designed. I did quite a bit of riding […]