Low-Carb Diets and Potassium Deficiency

As an adherent to the low-carb lifestyle (and currently on a cut) I’m acutely aware that I might not getting enough potassium: potassium is required for ketogenesis as well as supporting exercise . Can I get enough without eating bananas or other carbs? Potassium is primarily found in fruit and is essential to our health. […]


How To Take A Cold Shower And Why You Should Do It

Photo Credit: marius.zierold on Flickr. The samurai called it “Misogi,” exhaustive ascetic rituals that included breath training, sleep deprivation and standing under thundering waterfalls. The goal was to purify the body, reflect on the self, to clear and focus the mind. To become the enlightened warrior. There’s a dozen health benefits to taking a cold […]