GoPro Magnet Tether DIY

For those unfamiliar, the GoPro is a small no-frills camera with a built in wide-angle lens that’s designed for action videos. I bought one for motorsport (driving) applications but also for under water and general use. Several vendors sell suction cup mounts for the camera including GoPro itself. I completely trusted that mount until recently […]


Fine-tune Your Productivity With The Right Desktop Wallpaper and Concentrate

What if you could sharpen your focus or boost your creativity just by changing your desktop wallpaper? Maybe you can: A 2009 study conducted at the University of British Columbia suggests that colors in the environment improve cognitive functions: red increases focus on linear, detail oriented tasks like clerical work while blue encourages creativity and […]


Tips For Getting More From Evernote

I’m a big Evernote fan and I’ve been using it since 2009. I love it because it syncs across all my devices. And I’m a control freak and I love it because it doesn’t force my notes and content into a structure that doesn’t suit me. I can build whatever methods, hacks or structure works […]


Every Day Carry: My GoRuck GR1 Backpack 2 Years Later

I bought my GoRuck GR1 backpack almost two years ago in February 2011. On Saturday as I was pulling it out of my locker at the gym it occurred to me just how well made this thing is. It still looks brand new after two years of daily use for commuting and travel. Brand new […]


Low-Carb Diets and Potassium Deficiency

As an adherent to the low-carb lifestyle (and currently on a cut) I’m acutely aware that I might not getting enough potassium: potassium is required for ketogenesis as well as supporting exercise . Can I get enough without eating bananas or other carbs? Potassium is primarily found in fruit and is essential to our health. […]


Short Circuiting Impulse Purchases

I can’t browse anywhere on the internet without falling in love with a new knife, wallet or watch. I can’t look up a recipe without lusting after a new toaster, sugar bowl or some tin camping cups. Photos of other people’s pocket dumps inspire me to acquire vintage leather keychains, zippo lighters (I don’t smoke) […]


How To Take A Cold Shower And Why You Should Do It

Photo Credit: marius.zierold on Flickr. The samurai called it “Misogi,” exhaustive ascetic rituals that included breath training, sleep deprivation and standing under thundering waterfalls. The goal was to purify the body, reflect on the self, to clear and focus the mind. To become the enlightened warrior. There’s a dozen health benefits to taking a cold […]


You come with your mind in a million places and leave with your mind as one and your body in a million pieces. I really felt this after leaving the gym this morning.


Goodbye Posterous

I’ve been using and recommending Posterous for two years but on April 30th, 2013 Posterous is shutting down. I’m going to miss it. Autoposting to multiple sites. Posting via web or email. Lots of clean and easily customizable templates. It was so attractive to me because I’m busy with my career, busy with my young […]


Diet & Exercise: Putting It All Together For 2013

Over the last 3 years I’ve been on a health and fitness journey that has changed who am I am in every way. I’ve read lots of books and articles and tried a half dozen diets and exercise routines both conventional and experimental. I’ve learned a lot about fitness and nutrition but greater than that […]